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We love making our customers happy!  If you are happy that makes us happy.  That is why we carefully select items that we feel will be a quality piece and will make you feel good when wearing it.

Pricing is done to keep each exclusive item at a price where the customer won't break the bank and still have a great value at an affordable price.  From high end clothing, hand crafted jewelry, premium jewelry, fashion jewelry, shoes, pre-owned items and new items, WHIMSICALIA will always have the best selection of pre-loved gems!

A note about Premier Jewelry: Gems and Stones are considered to be Precious and Semi Precious.  Metals are gold, silver or a mixture of metals. 

A note about Metaelry:  All jewelry is handcrafted by skilled artisans and designed to be modern statement pieces.  All pieces are one of kind and you will never see another one exactly the same.  While some pieces may be similar, there may be variance in color, shade, veining, etc.  Relish in the fact that you own a customized, hand crafted, one of a kind jewelry!