Disney Frozen and Snowflake Purple Hair Extension and Clip

Disney Frozen and Snowflake Purple Hair Extension and Clip

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This hair extension and clip are used to transform your look in seconds. Using this, you can have a changed look or a new hairstyle without coloring or damaging your hair. This hair extension is extremely easy to use.

Divide your hair into two sections. Use your finger or a comb to draw a horizontal line from your right temple to your left temple, sectioning off your hair's top part and securing it with a hair clip. Open the clips on your extensions.


  • INSPIRED BY: This hair extensions and hair clip is inspired by the Disney theme
  • EASY TO STYLE: This hair extension is a perfect choice for a funky look. It is intended to lend incredibly natural volume with a healthy hair texture
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: This hair extension is made from premium quality synthetic material, which is quite durable and famed for its long term use
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: It is backed with a clip that can be easily adjusted for easy and comfortable wearing
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Add a dash of shampoo and wash gently. Rinse thoroughly in cold water. Do not brush when wet. Allow it  to dry naturally. Brush your extension into the desired style after it is completely dry
  • VERSATILE CLIP: The clip would not only keep your hair in place but also allow you to make a statement and stand out