Purple Howlite Bolo Bracelet
Purple Howlite Bolo Bracelet
Purple Howlite Bolo Bracelet

Purple Howlite Bolo Bracelet

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PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE!! Can a piece of jewelry fill you with delight? Absolutely! It can be like this mesmerizing bracelet. Beautified with genuine gemstone, you can't help but love this bracelet that brings the glam. Accessorize with this bracelet by the Karis Collection to complement your stylish look.


 GRACEFUL GRAINS: Stunning milgrain surrounding the periphery of all the stations bring elegance to the wristlet

  • EFFICIENT TO PROTECT: The prong setting locks the stones for security
  • THE METAL SECRET: Crafted in the platinum bond and stainless steel, an impressive luster with greater durability is provided to this ravishing beauty
  • EASY BOLO CLASP: Adjustable design of the bracelet is very comfortable to wear and can fit a lot of wrist sizes with the bolo clasp

Product Specifications

  • Product Weight (grams)=7.230
  • Gemstone Count=7
  • Total Stone Weight (Carat)=5.250
  • Gemstone 1=Purple Howlite Oval 8x6 Cabochon Cut
  • Gemstone Count 1=1
  • Gemstone Weight 1=1.19
  • Gemstone 2=Purple Howlite Oval 7x5 Cabochon Cut
  • Gemstone Count 2=6
  • Gemstone Weight 2=4.06
  • Primary Stone=Purple Howlite


KARIS 5.25 ctw Purple Howlite Bolo Bracelet in Platinum Bond & Stainless Steel (10.50 In)